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Through Third Eye Operations I share the actual purpose of imagination and exploring the nature of directed creative energy.  We are creative energy incarnate!  It is my hope that in simply being a voice for this truth I can encourage people to understand the difference between what is considered "art" and the simple act of embracing creative energy and active imagination.  While we are not all artists, we are all creative! Once we begin to aim this aspect of ourselves in the direction of insight, self-understanding and spiritual awakening, there is no limit to what we can explore and discover.


Talks and Art Exhibits

I offer talks and exhibits of my artwork to galleries, organizations and guilds for the purpose of speaking to the role creativity plays in the expansion of awareness and personal insight.  

 Once life itself is embraced as a creative endeavor, creative energy can reveal a type of profound insight one can only glean from within.  Having touched upon this experience, the axiom "All the answers are inside of you." became a palpable experience for me rather than a platitude. This shifted everything with regard to where I placed my focus. Rather than seeking to become something/someone 'out there' in the world, I sought to experience the world that I already am 'within'.  The result has been a glorious journey of coming undone.  It is this undoing that I share because as long as people believe they are some-one/some-thing they can not experience themselves as every-one/ every-thing that we truly are!  Only experiences such as these change our world!

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Creative Meditation Workshops

As people, we are creativity incarnate. Therefore, using creative energy for meditation is quite natural. It's also highly beneficial, not to mention fun! Creativity as a path to inner stillness is, in my opinion, so much easier for most Westerners and therefore more beneficial than struggling with traditional systems of sitting meditation. I personally developed a meditation practice linked to the Creative Introspection process that I have practiced for decades. Sharing it with others is some of the most rewarding work I do.

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