Gallerie Interiorem Series

Miniature works of art activate the imagination's inner gallery, expand intuitive awareness and reconnect us to our infinite, eternal nature.

Inspired by the lives of both Carl Jung and Hermann Rorschach along with an introspective philosophy for living,  I began painting these intricate, multi-dimensional, paintings in 2012. The way they morph and change as we peer into them mirrored my own experience during this period.  Recognizing this at the time and much more so in hindsight, the process of simply allowing them to come through me was very healing.  Loss surrounded me as my father, husband and best friend of 20 years neared the unexpected end of their lives.  My world was indeed shifting and changing before my eyes. The personal awakening that this period ushered in was profound to say the least. The mystical experiences that accompanied it were powerful and transformational.

Additional Information

Our first language is symbolic, not verbal. Inner wisdom speaks most profoundly in this way. The Gallerie Interiorem (inner gallery) series activates this symbolic language and expands intuitive awareness as it ignites imagination. As awareness expands, in-sight dawns. In this way each Interiorem painting offer endless possibilities. Here are just a few things that have been said about this unique series...

  • "These paintings are like hide and seek for grown ups!"
  • "The deeper you look into them more you discover."
  • ​"This imagery intrigues me on levels I can't even express."
  • ​"I love the way they pull me into my own imagination."
  • "The interactive nature of this work is truly captivating."
  • ​"Just when I think I've found a favorite, another calls to me!"

I love the visual language of multi-dimensional imagery. The work itself gives me an opportunity to speak to and hopefully spark humanity's curiosity about our own multi-dimensional nature.  As infinite, eternal beings we have access to so much more of ourselves than we are encouraged to understand.  My personal dedication to introspective awakening is my life's work.  It is reflected in this series I have come to call Gallerie Interiorem.

The Gallerie Interiorem paintings average in size from about 3 inches to a maximum of 12 inches.

The Gallerie Interiorem paintings average in size from about 3 inches to a maximum of 12 inches.

Below is a sampling of the paintings in the series.

The Gallerie Interiorem series is ongoing.  To date almost 200 paintings make up the series. More images will be added as  the gallery section  of the website is expanded.  All are copyright protected and may not be reproduced without artist permission.

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