Exhibits and Talks

gallerie Interiorem Exhibit

This is an art exhibit of more than 100 original works from the Gallerie Interiorem series. Intricate, multi-dimensional, paintings morph and change as we peer into them.  Reflecting the viewer, some see the initial image and move on. Others linger over this image and find hidden layers of imagery while still others weave intricate introspective stories from all aspects within the artwork.  An ongoing series currently spanning seven years. This body of work is inspired by the lives of both Carl Jung and Hermann Rorschach and my own introspective philosophy for living,  

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Trunk Show

My Trunk Show focuses on Creative Introspection; exploring creative energy to stretch the limits of self-expression and personal discovery. 

I believe originality is closely connected to authenticity.  Therefore, daring to dare myself, stretching my own boundaries and diving into the deep end of creativity is more than a hobby or pass-time for me.  It is an introspective and nurturing journey. It is both my meditation and my offering.  

Encouraging unique, personal, creative expression is the heart and soul of what I bring to my trunk show.

Sharing ideas for stepping into or expanding on this through a variety of mediums is foundational in my presentation.  These include textile arts, sculpture, traditional and and mixed media paintings.

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